In response to a fire on Myrtle Avenue in August 2019, ABAAT’s team sprung into action. Spearheaded by Co-founder Dannielle Hille, ABAAT was able to provide basic hygiene needs and clothing to 10 of the 11 families in the burned homes within 48 hours of the fire. Taking care of our neighbors in their greatest time of need is an important part of community building so ABAAT has arraigned for the continued acceptance of certain items to provide to families effected by total loss of their homes.

Requirements: The family must suffer a loss of more then 50% or have been identified as in great need by a referring services organization or school.

Please contact ABAAT at info@abaat.org or leave a message with your name and phone number at 518-227-0012 to arrainge a time to drop items off.

The following new items will be accepted:

Personal Care/Clothing Items

New Items

Please note the following items must be new in the package to be accepted.

  • Women:
    • Underwear (all sizes)
    • Socks (all sizes)
    • Tampons
    • Feminine pads
    • Panty liners
    • Hairbands
  • Men:
    • Underwear (all sizes)
    • Socks (all sizes)
    • Shaving cream
  • Kids and Babies
    • Underwear (boys and girls)
    • Pullups (all sizes)
    • Diapers (all sizes)
    • Enfamil (sealed)
    • Bottles
    • Baby Wipes (sealed)
  • General Hygiene:
    • Toothbrush (kids and adults)
    • Toothpaste
    • Soap (men, women and kids)
    • Deodorant (men, women and kids)
    • Shampoo/conditioner (men, women and kids)
    • Lotion (adults and kids)
    • Hair brushes and combs
    • Razors (men and women)
    • Adult incontinence pads/underwear (men and women)
  • Extras:
    • Pillows
    • Towels
    • Washcloths

Used Items

Please note the following items must be clean and gently used. Items from smoking homes cannot be accepted. Since used clothing is the most abundant, please contact us at info@abaat.org before dropping off items to ensure we are able to take them.

  • Women:
    • T-Shirt (all sizes)
    • Leggins (all sizes)
    • Sports Bras (all sizes)
    • Shorts (all sizes)
    • Flip-flops (all sizes)
  • Men:
    • T-Shirts (all sizes)
    • Sweat Pants (all sizes)
    • Shorts (all sizes)
    • Flip-flops (all sizes)
  • Kids:
    • Leggins (girls all sizes)
    • Sweat pants (all sizes)
    • T-shirts (all sizes)
    • Short (all sizes)
    • PJ’s (all sizes)
    • Onsies (all sizes)
  • Extras:
    • Blankets
    • Sheets and pillow cases
    • Baby items (blankets, bibs, diaper bags, etc.)
    • Suitcases

School Supplies

School supplies are always a need for families during the school year. Any item on any school supply list will be accepted.

  • School Supplies (K-12th):
    • Basic supplies
      • Paper
      • Pens
      • Pencils
      • Notebooks
      • etc.)
    • Book bags (girls and boys)
    • Scissors
    • Pencil cases
    • Crayons
    • Glue
    • etc.


ABAAT is currently working with Grand Street Community Arts to create a limited item food pantry for emergencies. Once the plan has been finalized , ABAAT will be able to accept non-perishable items from a select list. Stat tuned for more info on this project.