BLK Bulletin Board

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Everyday as we scroll through our news feeds, seeing amazing community events, projects and movements. But many people miss events because there is no single place that these events, projects and movements can be posted. So Dannielle Hille created BLK Bulletin Board 518 in August of 2018 where all the amazing community members who organize free community events can post whats going on so that all residents can join in the community building.

All events must be community based, free and open to the public. This page is not for fundraising , issue debate, or vigilante group recruitment. This page is non-partisan and is not appropriate for political events. Further, this page is not for the promotion of non-public events, business or anything residents cannot attend.

Submit an event

Please include date, time, location, contact info and a brief description for each event. Flyers can be emailed to and we prefer them in image form. Organization/Group information should be 4-5 sentences max.

Flyers can be emailed to and we prefer them in image form.