HELPER Sign-up

Thank you for your interest in helping to run errands for seniors and medically compromised residents in the Albany area. Essential items include groceries, toiletries, medicine and pet supplies.

It is unfortunate but the number of scams has increased. In an effort to endure we have accurate information for helpers and that we take every possible step to protect from scams, we ask that you fill out the information below and attach/email a photo of your drivers license or non-driver ID. We will not share your personal information with anyone and it will be destroyed after this service ceases operation. We are working on producing ABAAT HELPER Identification cards so HELPERs can be identified by stores we are working with and to ensure that you can travel if this gets worst. The photo from your license or ID will be used so they match.

Upon completion of the form, we will reach out to you by email to assign a HELPER ID number and provide consent forms to use when running the errands for a person in need.

By providing assistance to a person in need I agree to:

  1. Pick up a shopping list from the person in need.
  2. Pick up and maintain control of any payment method provided to you by the person in need.
  3. Purchase as many items on the list as you are able to find.
  4. To return payment method/change, receipts and items to the person in need within a reasonable period of time on the same day, unless there is an emergency situation.
  5. Only use the payment method provided to purchase the items on the Person in Needs list.
    1. If Credit Card: the Person in Need has been instructed to provide the HELPER with a note stating they authorize use of their credit card by the Helper or sign a provided consent form.
    2. If Cash: the Person in Need has been instructed to write a note stating how much cash they gave you or sign a provided consent form so you can take a photo of it.
  6. Treat the Person in Need in a kind and courteous manner.
  7. You will maintain confidentiality of any payment or medical information you are made aware of pertaining to the person in need or any others in their household.

The following are COVID-19 screening questions:

If the upload box does not show up to upload a copy of your ID, please email it to

Thank you for volunteering to help people in need during this tough time. We also appreciate you taking the time to complete this form and provide the requested info. We are working hard to make sure seniors and people in need feel safe utilizing this service.