ABAAT Ends COVID-19 Service

Over the last 5 months, volunteers have completed several hundred shops for nearly 100 seniors and disabled residents. Although the service will come to an end on August 14th, many volunteers have chosen to continue to assist the person/people they have been matched with. A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the wonderful volunteers who risked their own safety and volunteered to help others who were in need, You guys are HEROS.

Amplified Voices Project Launches

Amplified Voices is a community collaborative public mural project spearheaded by artist Jade Warrick to amplify the voices of local artists of color and provide youth mentoring opportunities.

Amplified Voices Mission: To give the youth of color who are striving artists (or have creative interest) the opportunity to be able to express themselves in a world that tends to cut out their voices due to their age. We will strive to provide a safe space for young artists to be able to socialize with like-minded creatives, work on and grow their artistic abilities, and reflect on how they can use art as a healing/meditative device. Our mission comes down to giving local youth a platform to amplify their voices during a pandemic AND a civil rights movement in creative ways. And our goal is to make sure youth of color know their existence is validated and their communities and lives matter.

Community CollaborativeArtist Mentors: Jade Warrick @TrashKid_Art (IG) | Eugene O’Neill @madeintruthclothing (IG) | Chloe Harrison @september_colors (IG) | D Colin @poetdcolin (IG) | Vanessa Gray @_creativeness__ (IG) | Sion Hardy @raggedyyy (IG)

Community Organizations: A Block at a Time, Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn, Central Avenue Business Improvement District , Downtown Albany, New York BID, Young Futures Inc. and Youth FX.

Community Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 join ABAAT for a discussion on Policing and Criminal Justice Post COVID-19. Speakers will provide an update and then take questions. To submit questions prior to the event, please email them to questions@abaat.org

How to Join

ABAAT Helps Expands COVID-19 Response

**Please be advised, this service has been discontinued**

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, A Block at a Time (ABAAT), in partnership with the New York State Minorities in Criminal Justice Inc (NYSMICJ) – Region 3, is expanding their COVID-19 Response action under ABAAT Helps to include those 60-65 and pets of persons in need. This service will work to help persons over 60 and medically at risk residents, in the Albany area, who are unable to go out to get essential items such as food, toiletries, medicine and pet supplies because of health risks connected to COVID-19.

Persons in Need of assistance can call 518-227-0012 and leave a message or email info@abaat.org and a volunteer will contact you as soon as possible. Please include your name, phone number and location in all phone messages and emails.

HELPERS should visit https://abaat.org/covid19/helper/ and fill out the helper form.

Program Guideline

Community members (Persons in Need) who are at increased health risk due to their age or underlying medical condition will be matched with a HELPER who can run errands to gather essential items. Persons in Need will be screened for risk of possible exposure to COVID-19 (questioner) and asked to adhere to program guidelines/purpose. In an attempt to prevent scams, Persons in Need will be given a PN ID Number so that they can verify a HELPER is from ABAAT. The Person in Need and their assigned HELPER will be given a matching PN ID for that days errands. ABAAT will change the code each time a Helper is assigned to a Person in Need.

Responsibilities of Person in Need:

  1. You will interact with HELPERS in a kind and courteous manner.
  2. Have a reasonable shopping list ready.
  3. Have a payment method for the purchase. Cards are preferred but cash will be accepted to ensure you get the needed items.
  4. Have reusable bags for HELPER.

HELPERS will also be screened for risk of exposure (questioner), asked to adhere to program guidelines/purpose and be provided with a unique HELPER ID Number (HIN) so that they can verify a caller is from ABAAT.

Responsibilities of HELPER:

  1. Pick up a shopping errand list from the person in need.
  2. Pick up and maintain control of any payment method provided by the person in need.
  3. Purchase as many items on the list as you are able to find.
  4. To return payment method/change, receipts and items to the person in need within a reasonable period of time on the same day, unless there is an emergency situation.
  5. Only use any payment method they provide to purchase the items they have requested.
  6. Treat the Person in Need in a kind and courteous manner.

ABAAT will take all the precautions that we can but we are just a small group of volunteers working to help our communities. We are not health professionals and cannot guarantee that a Person in Need or a HELPER are not ill. It is expected that anyone who cannot pass the set criteria will not participate in the service. Should an issue come to our attention, we will take immediate action. ABAAT will also work to ensure that all HELPERS and Persons in Need adhere to program guidelines/purpose and do so in a kind and courteous manner. A Block at a Time is a small community group working to become a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to empower and support people to build stronger communities a block at a time. Over the last year we have worked to help address issues in our community including providing a safe space for the community to be heard following an incident of police misconduct and responding to the victims of a large fire within Albany. We cannot do this without help from others both as volunteers and with donations. Donations can be made online by visiting www.abaat.org/donate, by mail to: ABAAT, P.O. Box 384, Albany NY 12201, Paypal.me/ABlockataTime, CashApp $ABAAT ~OR~ GoFundMe https://bit.ly/abaatGFM

Thank you for supporting our community group. www.facebook.com/ABAAT | Twitter @ABlockataTime

Please be advised participation in this community service is voluntary. By participating in this service you release ABAAT and its volunteers from any liability.